Icy Multi Colours Jade Parrots Pendant

Grade A icy multi colours jade parrots pendant with excellent lustre, clarity and translucency. This jadeite pendant is very attractive with multi colours present in a single jade piece –  vibrant green, honey yellow, icy colourless and a light tinge of lavender. The quality is fabulous with very fine jade grains, smooth texture, excellent lustre and high translucency. Clarity is also excellent with no inclusions or jade line. The carvings are extremely exquisite, depicting two lively parrots resting on a branch. This pendant is an investment grade for seasoned collectors as it is extremely rare to find such high quality multi colours jadeite, with absolutely nothing to pick on its colours, quality as well as carvings. Pendant is designed in 18K white gold and diamonds.

Parrots auspicious meanings: A pair of parrots symbolises a loving couple in a marriage. Parrot is also one of the longest living among bird species, hence also symbolises good health and longevity. Parrots in jade carvings are also famously known as living a beautiful life.

Jade dimensions: 52mm (H) x 39mm (W) x 8mm thickness

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Grade A icy multi colours jade parrots pendant with excellent lustre and translucency.

Certification for this jadeite pendant, certified by Nan Yang Gemological Institute (http://www.ngi.com.sg/), a reputable and independent Singapore gem testing lab, is available upon request.

Jadeite is highly demanded and is exclusively sourced from Myanmar, formerly Burma, hence it is widely known as “Burmese Jade”. It is rich in heritage and widely believed to have spiritual meanings in the Chinese culture. Jade is believed to protect the person who wears it.

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