Icy Jade with Red Coral Pendant


Grade A icy jade chilies, matched with red coral beads, hand made as a pendant. All the icy jade chilies have excellent lustre and translucency. Every single piece of jade chili is tied together manually to form a bunch. The red coral ball is also hand made, by threading many red coral beads together to wrap around a Grade A Burmese jade bead.

Coral ball: 12mm diameter

Jade chili: Average 16mm (H) x 4mm (W) each

Whole pendant: 60mm (H) approx.



Grade A icy jade chilies, matched with red coral, hand made as a pendant.

Jadeite is highly demanded and is exclusively sourced from Myanmar, formerly Burma, hence it is widely known as “Burmese Jade”. It is rich in heritage and widely believed to have spiritual meanings in the Chinese culture. Jade is believed to protect the person who wears it.

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