Honey Jade Guan Yin

Grade A honey jade GuanYin with excellent quality and lustre. This is an exquisite piece with a perfect execution of workmanship, showing two distinct colours on a same jadeite rough – slight greenish colour for Guan Yin and the honey colour as the Buddha light background. The thickness of the jade is also good. Mounted in 18K white gold and diamonds.

Jade dimension: 51mm (H) x 44mm (W)




Grade A honey jade GuanYin with excellent lustre as well as great workmanship. We offer free certification for this pendant, certified by Nan Yang Gemological Institute (, a reputable and independent Singapore gem testing lab.

Jadeite is highly demanded and is exclusively sourced from Myanmar, formerly Burma, hence it is widely known as “Burmese Jade”. It is rich in heritage and widely believed to have spiritual meanings in the Chinese culture. Jade is believed to protect the person who wears it.


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