Green with Lavender Jade Bangle

Grade A green with lavender jade bangle, with excellent colour hues and lustre. The colours are very distinct and pleasing to the eyes. This unique colour combination is also known as 春带彩. This rare jade bangle is definitely a collector’s item. Bangle size: 58 (1.55)

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Grade A green with lavender jade bangle with good lustre. We offer free certification for this jadeite bangle, certified by Nan Yang Gemological Institute (, a reputable and independent Singapore gem testing lab.

Jadeite is highly demanded and is exclusively sourced from Myanmar, formerly Burma, hence it is widely known as “Burmese Jade”. It is rich in heritage and widely believed to have spiritual meanings in the Chinese culture. Jade is believed to protect the person who wears it. Wearing a jade bangle can stimulate acupuncture points that are located around the wrist bone, and keep the energy (qi) flowing smoothly for health and youthfulness. This green with lavender jade bangle is rare due to its colour combination and nice hues.

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