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How to tell if a jade is real?

Due to the high value that a piece of quality jadeite may command, there are many types of imitations and treatments out there in the market to trick the eyes of an untrained consumer.

In ClassicJade, we frequently heard stories from our customers where other retailers told them that natural jade would feel cold to the touch. This is FALSE. Many materials in an air-conditioned place will feel cold to the touch, even glass! As trained jadeite dealer, we are able to tell if a jade is real based on its colour, luster, translucency etc. However, our advice to all our customers, if you want additional assurance on whether a jade is real, it is best to obtain a certification from an independent gemology laboratory. A jadeite piece can be classified into three categories: Type A, Type B and Type C.

Type A- jadeite that is natural

Type B- jadeite that has been bleached with acid and then impregnated with polymer resin

Type C- jadeite that has been dyed

Remember, we only want to buy Type A jadeite. Type B and Type C are usually not sought after as most consumers are resistant to the idea of buying jadeite that has undergone chemical treatments. Even if you do not mind Type B or Type C jadeite, do bear in mind that those are not valuable and you should not be paying a lot of money to own them!

Just a reminder to our dear readers here, in ClassicJade, we sell Type A ONLY. All our jadeite pieces are natural, and certification can be provided or arranged.