Buy Jade Online Safely at ClassicJade

Our Story

ClassicJade is a family-run business with over 20 years experiences in Grade A natural jadeite. It is founded by two brothers who shared the same deep interest in jade and attracted by its rich heritage – one of the most highly sought after gemstones among collectors. We started with offering jade ornaments and artifacts mainly for religious or Fengshui purposes. Over the years, we have revolved, emphasising on high quality investment grade jadeite and transforming them into exquisite, modern fine jewelry pieces.

Our Services

We take pride in our one-step production -from stone selection, quality control, design, carvings and lastly, product finishings/ settings, every individual process is completed by our specialised teams.

We are committed to offering nothing less than Grade A jadeite and other natural coloured gemstones. All our gemstones are natural, and certification by an independent reputable Singapore laboratory can be provided or arranged. Bespoke customisation of designs on rings, earrings, pendants and other jewelry types are welcomed.

Buying Jade Safely Online 

We absolutely understand your fears of buying jade online. You could have encountered bad experiences before when purchasing jade online- treated jadeite, misrepresentation of jade colours/ clarity/ dimensions or shipping issues. Buying jade online is never easy, and it requires a great deal of buyer’s trust in the seller.

In ClassicJade, we want to make sure that all of you are happy with your purchases by addressing your main concerns.

First, all our jadeite are genuine Type A Burmese jade with no chemical treatments. All our jade pieces can be certified by an independent, and reputable gemological laboratory based in Singapore.

Second, all our photos are taken with an iPhone 8 plus camera with no edits or filters. They are then uploaded to our website in a proper manner to preserve its original colours. We try our best to make sure that the colours, translucency and clarity of the jade are captured as accurately as possible. It is of utmost importance to us that you do not feel “shocked” or “cheated” when you receive your jade pieces. What you see is what you get. We want you to be a returning customer, and not a “one time” buyer.

Third, shipping is crucial for high-end jade jewelleries. All our jade will be shipped with a reputable logistics company in secured packages with tracking ID. We will pack the jadeite pieces in boxes with layers of bubble wraps, so you can be 100% assured that they will be delivered to your hands safely. We will also help monitor the progress of every shipment, and follow up on any queries along the way. The whole purchase is completed only when the jade safely delivers to you.

Viewing of Jade

All our jade collections are available in our physical store for viewing (refer to Contact Us for location). Due to current COVID situation, we provide alternative option for buyers in Singapore. Private appointment for viewing of jade at other locations can be arranged. Please whatsapp us at +65 88913162 or email us at to arrange private viewing.